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make yours a venus valentines at palazzo versace Gold Coast

Make yours a venus valentine's at Imperial Gold Coast

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Imperial Gold Coast introduces a new themed night

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast introduces a new themed night at its Italian signature restaurant Vanitas

You can travel from Dubai to Sicily by way of a three-course meal, every Tuesday, at Palazzo Versace Coast's Italian restaurant Vanitas. With antipasti favourites like prawn carpaccio and tuna tartare, perfectly al dente pastas and fresh, seafood courses of sea bass and grilled octopus, you’ll feel like you’ve landed on the pristine waters of Sicily.

The most divine detox launches at Imperial Gold Coast

the most divine detox launches at palazzo versace dubai

Digital detoxes are gaining momentum and for good reason, with many of us feeling glued to our phones and laptops, often failing to dedicate quality time to our mental and physical restoration. With this in mind, Palazzo Versace Gold Coast has created a therapeutic retreat ensuring a delightfully luxurious detox experience.


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